Current Exhibitor

1. Do you get to the end of a trade show and wonder if the effort was all worth it?

2. Are you struggling to measure your ROI from trade shows?

3. Do your staff engage well with the visitors or could they do with some help?

4. Do you work to goals at trade shows or just wing it?


We will help you by working to some pre-set goals to ensure your pre-show, at-show and post-show activities are all working together to achieve the optimum result from your trade show(s).

New Exhibitor

1. ACE! We are doing a show! mmmmm......where do we start?

2. Space only? Shell Scheme? Carpet? Custom Build? Bump in? What the? 

3. How many staff will I need? What should I expect first time around?


We will help you cut through the BS and focus on what you need to. We will guide you on the activities that you must do for success but also steer you away from the time and money wasters that catch most new exhibitors out. 


1. How you can you help your exhibitors get the best bang for their buck?

2. Success at the show will get them back. Why not train them for success?

We work with you to provide the most targeted training for your clients needs. Sessions follow a structure like this:

Part 1:   Introduction / Goal Setting

Part 2:   Body Language / Greeting / Triage / Lead Qualifying

Part 3:   Role Play & Feedback

Part 4:   Etiquette, Do's and Don'ts, Q&A

Associations / Business Groups

1. How can you assist members to realise a better ROI from trade shows?

2. Why not lead your members to be ready for shows rather than viewing them as a 'necessary evil?'

We can run sessions for your members at the Association offices, a member's offices or at a neutral venue. We can also provide the training regionally or via webinar. 

We will target the training to accurately reflect the industry's requirements, addressing the specific needs of that industry.

“We had Trade Show Training take our exhibitors through their ‘How to Exhibit’ program in the lead up to Fine Food 2019. The feedback from our exhibitors was very positive citing Russell’s professionalism and ‘easy to implement’ examples. The exhibitors will now have a more purposeful and structured approach in their pre, at and post show activities which will positively impact their ROI”

Minnie Constan - Event Director

Fine Food Australia 2019

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