Why Use Us?

  • You simply aren't seeing the ROI from the time, money and effort put into previous shows.

  • You believe in trade shows but feel your strategy could do with adjustment.

  • You feel that those working on your stand could use some more focus at shows.

  • You are starting out with shows and could do with some pointers so you don't make expensive mistakes.

  • You want to work with someone with 20 years’ experience in the trade show industry and is passionate about exhibitors getting the most from shows.

How will we help you?

  • We will audit what you have done previously 

  • We will advise on what has worked well and what needs to change for better performance

  • We will help you set goals for the show that are realistic and that you can measure

  • We will train staff to be more effective on the stand, to not only increase leads, but to qualify leads better

  • We will guide you on effective pre-show marketing to help get visitors to your stand

  • We will guide you on effective post-show follow up to capitalise on the leads gained

  • We will help you proclaim at the end of a show "THAT WAS WORTH IT!"

Where to now?

  • Whether your next show is in a month or in a year, you need to act now.

  • Call us on 0431 334 856 to have an honest chat about where you are at with trade shows.

  • If we agree that you could do with some assistance in the trade show area, we can work out a plan of attack.

  • Check out the testimonials and blog posts on this site to see what others think and have evidence of our experience.

Still not convinced?

  • Can you afford to keep going it alone?

  • What else could you be achieving at shows?


You can take a horse to water...…

The gap between what an organiser hopes an exhibitor will do to prepare for a show and what they actually do is large. To add to this, you probably have 200+ exhibitors that prepare in 200 different ways. So, as an organiser, how do you control how an exhibitor prepares for and performs at a show? You can't. You can provide the tools and then hope but reality suggests that the bulk of exhibitors will under-prepare for a show. I have organised trade shows for almost 20 years so the above comes from much frustration over my time, seeing exhibitors underperform and then blame the show for their woes. 


Trade Show Training can work with your clients to help them better prepare for the show and get more from it.

From setting clear show objectives through to training stand personnel on their performance at the show, Trade Show Training will help your exhibitors achieve more......and this can only help when the time comes to re-sign for next year.


This is not a one size fits all service so there are a number of options you and/or your exhibitors could use Trade Show Training:

For the Client

1. Coaching your client all the way - This is consulting to your client from the start and helping them through the maze.

2. Coaching for performance at show - Work with Sales/Marketing to ensure effective pre-show promotion and providing team training to get the maximum performance on the stand during the show.

3. On stand training - For clients that need help bringing the objectives and team together to plan and execute at the show

For the Organiser

1. Group Training - Running training for a group of your exhibitors to assist with getting them ready for the show and preparing their teams for the show floor.

*This can be a few weeks out from the show to assist with pre-show promotion and other last minute tasks or it can be a session which runs a day or two before the show so that the information is fresh and can be implemented immediately.

Let Trade Show Training help you increase the ROI for your clients.

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