"Hey, gotta cheap stand for ya!"

Updated: Sep 30, 2018

"Yeah, I got a really cheap stand in a high traffic area!"

Always be wary if an organiser comes to you with a 'cheap' stand. A cheap stand is usually being offered for one of the following reasons:

1. The show is struggling to sell at the standard prices. Think about clothes here. Does the good stuff regularly come on sale?? No. This could be a strong indication that the show is struggling.

2. The location of the stand is poor (my illustration - albeit tongue in cheek - has your small shoebox stand in the high traffic area at the toilet)

3. The show is close and the organiser thinks it is better to get some money, than nothing at all, if they have a few unsold spots.

Cheap stands can often be cheap for a reason

Only the third option is worth another look. There may be a last minute withdrawal in a very good position. This should be considered if you can mobilise quickly. Don't take up a good opportunity like this if you cannot represent your brand well. You will do more harm than good. hashtag#tradeshowtraining hashtag#tradeshows hashtag#tradeshowexhibitor

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