Cut to the Chase

What is your Value Proposition? Have you ever been asked this question? It’s a term that has been around for a while and my stomach still churns every time I hear someone use it. Couldn't we just have a normal conversation without the ‘buzz’ words? …..and don’t get me started on ‘journey’, ‘change champion’ and ‘paradigm shift’.

The trade show world is no different, in fact, you have to get to the point quicker. Your time with a prospect can be as little as 2-3 seconds. Terms like ‘grabbing the low hanging fruit’ and ‘drinking from the firehose’ have no place (and you should be arrested for crimes against English). Non-verbal communication also needs to hit the mark. The prospect needs to get a quick feel for what you do or it’s goodbye.

For those with a ‘shell scheme’ stand - you know, walls, carpet, fascia and company sign included in the package, my graphic in this post outlines a simple tactical change. Is there a way that your stand can qualify prospects before you have opened your mouth? Air-conditioning company, ABC Systems, means nothing on a show floor with 300+ exhibitors. For some, the company name will spell out exactly what they do – ‘Burger King’, ‘Jim’s Mowing’, ‘Trade Show Training’ – Shameless, I know.

When the organiser asks you for your 25/30 character stand name. TAKE IT SERIOUSLY!!! Your company name means everything to you but not everyone is drinking the Kool-Aid or singing from the same hymn sheet or dancing to…..I'll stop now.

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