Start Behaving like Animals

So, I took the kids to the Zoo this morning and whilst ‘being in the moment’, my mind drifted. In between the nagging for ice cream and requests to press coins in the penny machine, the exhibits at the Zoo provided interesting analogies with the exhibits we find at trade shows. No, really, hear me out, promise not to ‘boar’ you.

The animals and enclosures we all remember are those that made the biggest impact on us. So here is a recap.

The Lions provided their usual lazy, stay out of view approach. Great stand location, nice stand but arrogance and complacency probably cost them. They may have needed some cubs to bring the visitors closer, so the Lions could then do their big sell job. Some more ‘pride’ needed in their effort.

The koalas were one step worse. Good location and presentation but obviously slept in and certainly weren't going to be ready before 11am. Two hours after opening time means missing several eager, early buyers. Knowing these guys, they will probably turn up with questionable attitudes and be chewing gum…..boom-tish.

The orangutans had obviously researched the crowd and were aware of their objectives. Their regular appearances at the front of the stand coupled with solid demonstrations of their ‘key products’ captured the visitors’ attention and provided the most busy exhibit. The occasional disappearing act to take a mobile call was noted but can be forgiven.

The giraffes were a great disappointment. Always looked on as one of the big and fancy stands at the show, their lack of planning saw key visitor times interrupted by feeding and/or lack of desire to interact with visitors. Will need to stick their neck out at future shows.

On the way out, the peccaries provided their usual uninteresting, single file walk around the booth which replicated all previous efforts. These guys either need to employ new peccaries to run the exhibit or undertake some stand training. Visitors will ignore their exhibit if they don’t change their style and substance and promote this well.

I hope that tortoise all something.

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