Second set of eyes

Updated: Sep 30, 2018

PLEASE get a second set of eyes on your stand before the show opens! Excuse the Picasso quality art to cover brands, etc up but I am not out to shame people or companies.

This business has paid good money to be at this show. If going it alone, why not drop into the organisers office and ask someone to give you their opinion on the stand. Or ask the business next to you for some honest feedback.

A) The company name was incorrect (The organiser should have picked this up in a pre-show walk-through but, let's be honest, they don't care as much about your brand as you do?!?)

B) A barrier between you and the visitor is a complete no-no.

C) The stand is very simple which is not a problem. However there are very cheap stretchy banners that could have transformed this stand into something much better.

D) The carpet squares could be contrasted with a colourful one advertising a special deal. Again, inexpensive but would make a dramatic difference to what is quite dreary carpet. Could you do with some pointers on your next trade show? Big stand, small stand?

Spell Cheker pleese


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